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Inheritance, Real estate, Housing disputes, Arbitration

Family affairs, Privatization


Disputes relating to real estate:

Housing and land disputes.

- Recognition of ownership of real estate in court (land, houses, flats, rooms, etc.).

- Registration and withdrawal from registration.

- Recognition of the rights to the apartment (house), etc.

Legal support of real estate transactions:

- Buying and selling.

- Exchange.

- Donation.

-Rent of apartments, rooms and offices.

- Legal support for the purchase of new buildings.

- Registration of contracts of sale, barter, gift, pledge and etc. real estate.

- Other services related to the escort business.


- Advice on inheritance.

- Restoring life to the inheritance.

- Calculation of the share of the heir.

- Practice before the court on controversial matters of inheritance.

- Register inheritance rights.

Family affairs:

- Divorce without your participation.

- Maintenance obligations.

-Property division.


- Collection of documents.

- Filing.

- Obtaining a certificate of ownership.



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